Hey Guys, Turns out making time to blog is harder than expected! So I’ve decided to do a tiny little review on some chocolates I have tried and tested this last week.


I ordered 4 flavours from, they arrived within just a few days which in my eyes is fantastic.

The flavors I ordered where white vanilla, almond orange, choco cookie and white nougat crisp.

SO.. the important part: how did they taste?

White Vanilla: Beautiful flavoured rich white chocolate. Decadently smooth and just an all around lovely white chocolate. The best white chocolate i have tried so far!

Almond Orange: A really nice flavoured chocolate, the orange pieces get stuck in your teeth but it is excusable as they are like little flavour bombs.

Choco Cookie: This was nice, but the blandest of all the flavours I’ve tried. It didn’t really taste much until I had swallowed it which was disappointing.

White Nougat Crisp: Wow. This was by far my favorite! It is rich, creamy, slightly crunchy. The taste somewhat resembles what i remember the inside of a kinder bueno tasting like. This got the boyfriends approval also.

I definitely recommend this brand of chocolate! I’ll be putting another order in myself REAL DARN SOON!